My Whole30 Experience and Journal: Week 1

My Whole30 Experience: Week 1

My Whole30 Experience: Week 1

Interested in my Whole30 Meal plans? Check out Week 1.

My Whole30 Experience: Week 1

Day 1- “So What’s the Big Deal?”

4:38pm// I had all intentions of starting the Whole30 tomorrow. Today is Sunday, which is traditionally a grocery shopping/ meal prep day, but I decided to go ahead and commit to eating Whole30 today as well. I feel like I got all of my “final meals” out of the way yesterday; Taylor and I took a Fried Chicken and biscuits cooking class, and then went out to an Italian restaurant with friends. I definitely got it out of my system and didn’t feel the need to prolong the wait.

It was trickier than I thought entering into the Whole30 without having grocery shopped yet. I ended up making a smoothie for breakfast, which is compliant ingredients-wise, but frowned upon during the Whole30. Great start, Ally! By the time I was checking out at the grocery store around 1pm, I was HANGRY. I ended up grabbing a frozen paleo meal to heat up at home, since I knew I’d be too hungry to cook right away. Again, rocky first day, but technically still compliant.

While I was meal prepping for the week, I snacked on an RX bar to hold me over until dinner. I think I agree with the Whole30 Timeline that today feels easy and “no big deal” because I’m just excited to try all the new food I got. My food boredom hasn’t set in yet. Had I been so unprepared , empty-fridged, and hungry on day 20, I may have slipped up and grabbed something quick, easy, and totally not Whole30. We’re excited to make Grilled Barbecue Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin tonight with a baked potato and green beans, and I know I won’t feel deprived at all. It’ll definitely be a little weird not having a glass of wine before bed, but I know this is for the best. It’s a bad habit. Dreading the no-sugar “hangover” tomorrow, but excited and hopeful about this whole process!

Day 2- “The Hangover”

12:24pm// Today doesn’t suck, (yet). Maybe because I went to bed at 8pm last night, (I knew it was the only way to keep me from raiding the fridge), or maybe it’s because I tried to cut dairy and gluten out of my normal diet for a few weeks beforehand. No raging headache or “hangover” symptoms, but I’m definitely a little fuzzy and off.

I felt like my whole day was thrown off a little though, because I ate my breakfast at my kitchen counter this morning at 6:45 instead of waiting like I normally do until I get to the office around 9- 9:30, (yes, my commute is 1.5 hours. kill me.) The Whole30 recommends eating within an hour of waking up, so I’ve felt a little off schedule all day so far. Had to eat a Larabar at 10am to hold me over.

Lunch was yummy: chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli, but I just got a little bored of eating it. I opted for my second snack, an apple and almond butter, instead of the final few bites. I have a feeling it won’t be my last snack of the day! I know it’s not recommended, but it’s also not breaking any rules, so that’s a win in my book. Just remember, Ally, food is fuel. Food is fuel. Food is fuel.

5:09pm// Ok, I just ate a cara cara orange (yum) but I’m officially hangry. I know I’m not physically hungry, because I typed all my food in my Fitbit and I’m already at like 1,400 calories pre-dinner, but I feel hungry! Damn my addicted body. I know I’ll get used to it and feel full all the time, but I’m about ready to ask Taylor if we can eat dinner at 5:30 like old people.

Later// I had all intentions of making Grilled Chimichurri Steak and Green Beans with buttered (ghee-ed) baby red potatoes for dinner, but Taylor ended up getting home late, (second shout out to Atlanta traffic in one day!) so I had to hanger-eat a baked potato and no longer wanted it.  I ended up making taco soup and holy cow it hit the spot. While Taylor ate Girl Scout cookies next to me for dessert, I suppressed my cravings with some flavored hot tea. Another win!

Day 3- “The Hangover”

8:48am// I leisurely woke up around 8am today because I’m working from home. Little bit of a headache and fog for sure, but it’s manageable. I’m starting to think eating so early, (6:45am) yesterday is what sent me into a total hanger spiral throughout the day. I’m much more of a smoothie girl in the morning, and have never been a big meal person until lunch, so I barely ate that much sausage and brussels to keep me full. I know I’m supposed to get there, but today I’m just going to sip GT’s Kombucha and coffee with almond milk until my body tells me I’m hungry and see where that takes me.

2:41pm// Waiting to eat was definitely a good idea- I feel MUCH more in control of my hunger today. I ended up having some leftover taco soup at 10am for “breakfast” because I’m weird, and then an RX bar around noon before taking Chewy on an hour-long walk. RX Bars are saviors, but does anyone else find them unbearably sticky? Ugh.  After our walk, I ate my chicken meal prep bowls for lunch with some watermelon, and it was yummy and satisfying, (thank god).  I definitely have a dull headache, but overall feeling good and energetic.

Later// Needed a banana around 5 so I could make dinner without dying. I made the filet with chimmichurri sauce tonight, smashed red potatoes, and orange carrots. SOOOO delicious, but a couple bites in my stomach just gave up on me. I got a splitting headache and sharp stomach pains- I’m wondering if that’s normal? I wasn’t “sick” so it wasn’t something with the food, I think it was just something with my digestion. Anyways, I felt so awful I went to bed at 8. Happy “Whole30 flu” day.

Day 4- “Kill All The Things”

10:23am// No murderous rages yet this morning, but still feeling the “hangover” phase. If my headaches continue from yesterday I will lay in bed with a frozen bag of peas on my face for the rest of eternity. So far this morning I’ve just been sipping on GT’s Kombucha and coffee with almond milk. I think I’m about to heat up my “breakfast” of 15-Minute, One-Pan Paleo Sausage and Brussels Sprouts that I meal prepped Sunday, but OMG. None of the mustards I have in my house are Whole30 compliant?!?!?!  Rude. That’s one thing I assumed I wouldn’t have to worry about. Even like just straight-up Dijon or Stone Ground has sugar. WHYYYYYYYY. Everything has sugar, people, read your labels! I’m floored by this realization. Ok, maybe that’s a murderous rage coming out.

2:51pm// For the second time today, I am floored. I just got my period, (which isn’t a bad thing or surprise) but I didn’t feel ANY signs of it coming! That’s a first. Does the Whole30 cure cramps too? (R.I.P. jammie pants) Anyways, lunch was chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes again. I spiced it up with some leftover chimmichurri sauce from last night, and that definitely helped. I just feel like I haven’t actually been full yet this week and usually just stop eating out of boredom. It’s not that the food itself is boring, it’s delicious, it’s more the process of eating that’s boring me. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Also, I have my biggest challenge yet so far tonight: book club. At my favorite southern restaurant. Literally NOTHING on their menu is compliant. I’m just going to have to eat dinner before I go and order a sparkling water. Maybe a simple salad if I bring my own dressing. Boring, but oh well. I got this.

Later// I GOT THIS! Nailed dinner, stuck to my plan, and still had fun! WIN.

Day 5- “Kill All The Things”

9:33am// Ok, maybe I just want to “kill all the things” today because I slept 5 hours and got hit by the allergy train this morning. Ugh. But otherwise feel light and clear headed. Although, this is hilarious, I had a dream last night about screwing up the Whole30 and eating a Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit! I woke up so sad….haha. The timeline said that would happen, but I didn’t realize this soon! I also was a ~rebel~ this morning and made myself a smoothie to go. Oh, how I missed morning smoothies. Technically frowned upon because you’re mindlessly drinking a meal, but I don’t care. It’s compliant!

Later// Today was the first day I made it to 5pm without snacks. Honestly, I didn’t feel hungry at all. I was basking in this non-scale victory walking to my car after work. 10 minutes into my long, trafficky drive, I became FAMISHED. Faint. Dying. I had to pull over at a gas station (yikes) and managed to find the only compliant thing in there: an Odwalla Green Monster smoothie thing. If they didn’t have that, I don’t know what I would do. I need to pack more just-in-case snacks in my purse and in my car. Lesson learned, and disaster avoided!

Day 6- “I Just Want a Nap”

Later// I woke up this morning feeling FANTABULOUS. Maybe it was the 10 hours of sleep, maybe it was Friday, maybe it was all the clean eating. Anyways, I had a super busy day at work and just felt like I was crushing it until….2pm. DEAD. TIRED. Howwwww? I slept so much!? But alas, today is day 6 and forces beyond my control inside my body are telling me I’m tired.  I took a FAT nap when I got home, and then was too tired to cook. We ordered in barbecue, and it was easy to stay Whole30 compliant! I just asked for no sauce, used my own Tessemae’s bbq, got a side salad with no dressing, (again, I used my own) and then some grilled pineapple. So delicious. Eating out is possible!!!  I’m also lucky I was so tired today because I thought no wine on the weekend was going to be a major obstacle. It wasn’t!

Day 7- “I Just Want a Nap”

4:03pm// Saturday!!! Woke up this morning after another glorious 10 hours of sleep still tired, (is this phase over yet?!?!?). Made bacon and a sweet potato hash for breakfast, then Taylor and I went to Lowe’s because we’re tackling some landscaping today. I had a quick banana, strawberry, almond butter smoothie before we got to work to fuel me, but naturally, now I’m in bed dead tired. Yard work will take it out of you! We both don’t want to cook or deal with dishes tonight again, so we’re going to go out for burgers. That’s another easy way to eat out on Whole30- no bun, no sauce, no cheese- just load up on veggie toppings and pray for some avocado slices. I’m so proud of myself for sticking to it this week! It’s been at the same time easier and harder than I expected. Easier food-wise, (everything is delicious and I feel full), harder body-wise, (I definitely felt the hangover struggle this week).

Week 1 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Sleeping like a baby
  2. No PMS symptoms
  3. Successfully made it through book club at my favorite restaurant without drinking or breaking the Whole30.
  4. Overall feeling slimmer and lighter on my toes.

Week 1 Lessons Learned

  1. White potatoes don’t fix all your carby cravings.
  2. Fruit with almond butter tastes so decadent and naughty who even needs chocolate molten cake?
  3. Social outings don’t have to be scary or non-existent on the Whole30 as long as you plan ahead x 10. Make sure you menu stalk, eat a big meal before, and pack your own condiments. When in doubt, you can always order a salad and use your own dressing, or order “dry” meat and use your own ghee or bbq sauce. And really, no one cares if you don’t drink, (and if they really do, they don’t sound like good friends).
  4. Bring extra snacks EVERYWHERE. Put them in your purse, in your car, in your desk. Don’t get caught off guard hangry without options.
  5. Verbally committing to people around you, (parter, work friends, etc.) helps you stick to it more than anything. Once it’s out there, they will help keep you on track! If you hide it, you’re more likely to slip up.
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  • Ally, I am looking to start W30 and would like to follow your week 1. Is there any way of getting your week 1 recipes and guidelines in an easier format. I getting frustrated scrolling thru the ads to find week 1 food, to then bounce to another area for the recipes. Please help

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