The Complete Whole30 Meal Planning Guide and Grocery List: Week 1

The Complete Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List: Week 1

The Complete Whole30 Meal Planning Guide and Grocery List: Week 1

The Complete Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List: Week 1

Hey Everyone, Ally here! I’ve dabbled with eating Whole30 meals here and there, but on February 26, 2018, I’m going to start my first Whole30! I’M SO EXCITED. The complete Whole30 Meal Planning Guide and Grocery List.

Don’t know what the Whole30 is? Read about it here. Basically, it’s a life-changing way of eating that removes anything that could possibly give your body a negative reaction and allows you to feel amazing. You can eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds for 30 days. That’s it. No alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no gluten, no soy, no beans, legumes or peanuts, and nothing artificial. But I promise I’m going to make this DELICIOUS.

Even from just eating Whole30 here and there, I can already tell what a difference it makes in the way I feel. I have so much energy! Now, every time I eat a piece of bread I feel like I need a nap. Really, food makes that much of a difference. I also have my wedding coming up, and am in need of a little will power to feel my best on the day. I know weight loss isn’t the main goal of the Whole3o, but it is a pleasant side effect.

I’m also well aware of the negative parts of doing the Whole30, (the first week of withdrawal can be rough) and am incorporating the Whole30 timeline into my meal plan, as well as some easy substitutions for family members who don’t want to partake.

Want to know more about the day-t0-day experience? Check out my Whole30 Week 1 Journal here.

I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to do each day to be successful, and what you’ll be up against. Doesn’t it bug you when “meal plans” just give you lists of meals to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Who has time to cook three meals a day? This meal plan is not only going to be completely helpful, but completely doable for busy lives.

Ready? LET’S GO!

The Complete Whole30 Meal Planning Guide and Grocery List: Week 1

This first week is all about eating delicious, hearty comfort foods to keep you full and satisfied.  You’re likely going to be experiencing headaches, fatigue, and general hangry-ness all week, so I’ve designed the menu to be simple, familiar, and yummy, with plenty of potatoes to trick your brain. Let’s ease on in to this, shall we?

The Complete Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List: Week 1


Snacks & Extras:

In addition to this meal plan, you’re going to want some compliant snacks and beverages to get you through the day. Coffee with almond milk is great in the morning, as well as GT’s Kombucha. For a treat at night, try some flavored sparkling water like La Croix!

This week’s snacks:

Week 1 Grocery List

I would try and go to an organic grocer like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Sprouts. If you aren’t able to/ don’t want to, order some of the stuff you can’t find in a standard grocery store online ahead of time.  Also, MAKE SURE YOU READ YOUR LABELS!!  Food manufacturers sneak all kinds of additives and sugar into things. No cheating. When in doubt, Google if it’s Whole30 compliant.

If you have family members that aren’t doing the Whole30 with you, you may want to add some hamburger buns, pasta, and shredded cheese to your grocery list.

*NOTE: This grocery list is designed for ONE person doing Whole30 for weekday breakfasts and lunches, and TWO people eating weeknight dinner and meals on weekends. 

Below is the grocery list for TWO people completing the meal plan. You will double up the breakfast & lunches when you meal prep, but the dinners already serve two:

Additional Tools Needed:

  • Large skillet
  • Large soup pot
  • Medium pot
  • Crockpot/ slow cooker
  • 7 meal-sized tupperware containers
  • 3 – 12oz. mason jars with lids
  • 2 rimmed baking sheets
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gallon-sized freezer bags
  •  Mixing bowls

Day-by-Day Meal Plan and Instructions

Day 0: Prep Day

Woo! Day 0! This is usually a Sunday for most people, and you should carve out an hour for grocery shopping and a couple hours for meal prepping when you get home. Aren’t you excited? Here’s your step-by-step prep schedule:

  1. 15-Minute, One-Pan Paleo Sausage and Brussels Sprouts (Optional Egg)This is going to be your breakfast for the first two days. I’m not a huge fan of eggs, especially meal prepped eggs, so I don’t include one here, but feel free to! It will definitely make this recipe feel more “breakfast-y”, even though the Whole30 encourages you to think of them as 3 equal meals.
    • Make the recipe above, (EXCLUDE THE MAPLE SYRUP, and use dijon mustard, and save your lemon zest for later) and portion it out into two Tupperware containers. Cook some eggs if you’d like to add those.
  2. Meal Prep Lunch Bowls with Spicy Chicken, Roasted Lemon Broccoli, and Caramelized Sweet PotatoesOh, this recipe is one of my best. Get excited. We will be following this pattern all four weeks: meal prep a couple lunches to get you started, and finish off the week with leftovers. Less cooking for you 🙂
    • Follow the recipe included in the link. It’s originally four servings, but there’s no limit to how much you eat in the Whole30, so portion the same amount of food out into 3 servings. Hooray for being full!!
    • Substitutions: Just drizzle some olive oil instead of cooking spray. Use grated lemon zest (from the lemon you used in the recipe above) and black pepper instead of lemon pepper.
  3. Slow cooker chiliYou’re going to prep this slow cooker chili, (sautée the meat and veggies) put it in a gallon-sized freezer bag, place it in the fridge, and dump everything and the rest of the ingredients in your crockpot in the morning.
    • You can either prep the toppings, (diced onion, sliced jalapeño, avocado, cilantro, olives, lime wedges) now or tomorrow night! Thinking ahead, I would save a little bit of the diced onion as toppings if you like them 🙂
  4. Chia pudding with banana, berries, and almond butterYou’re getting REALLY productive now and prepping stuff for the second half of the week. Go you. Also, don’t freak out about chia pudding. It’s amazing, and you’ll be dying for some sweetness by then.
    • Lay out 3 mason jars. In each mason jar, put: 1 Tbsp. almond butter, 3 Tbsp. chia seeds, and 1 cup almond milk. Stir until combined. Let set for 10 minutes, then put 1 sliced banana and some raspberries on top, (fill it to the top!). Screw on the lid and keep in the fridge.
  5. Freeze some stuff.Check out the expiration days on your meat. If you need to, freeze some of the meat you’ll be using towards the end of the week.

Day 1: Monday

Paleo Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

photo credit: Ally’s Cooking

Welcome to your first day of Whole30!!!! Today is, “so what’s the big deal?” day according to the timeline. Today is going to be easy and you’re going to feel empowered with all your healthy choices, so try your best to channel that spirit throughout the rest of the week.

Morning To Do: pop the prepped bag of chili + tomatoes + beef broth + any extra seasoning into the slow cooker. Set it on low heat for 8 hours.

Breakfast: heat up your sausage and brussels sprouts! Make a cup of coffee with some almond milk if you’d like.

Lunch: heat up your chicken meal prep bowls, (just remove the apples first).

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Prep the toppings, (diced onion, sliced jalapeño, sliced avocado, cilantro, olives, lime wedges) for your chili if you haven’t already. Ladle the chili from the slow cooker to a bowl and dig in! Portion out two large servings into Tupperware containers when you’re done for lunches later this week.


Day 2: Tuesday

photo credit: Primal Gourmet

Today might suck. Your body is officially in WTF withdrawal mode, and likely will be all week, (TRUST ME, it gets better). Today and tomorrow are officially referred to as “The Hangover”, so expect a massive headache. I suggest some of the optional snacks because the natural fruit sugar will help your headache and withdrawal symptoms. Also, because I love you and today is hard, you’re having chicken piccata and mashed potatoes for dinner. You’re welcome.

Breakfast: heat up your sausage and brussels sprouts! Make a cup of coffee with some almond milk if you’d like.

Lunch: heat up your chicken meal prep bowls, (just remove the apples first).

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Lemon Chicken Piccata with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

  • Prepare Primal Gourmet’s recipe for chicken piccata above. Keep warm.
  • Meanwhile, peel and dice 2 russet potatoes. Place them in a medium pot, and cover the potatoes with cold water. Add some salt to the pot, and boil over high heat for about 10 minutes until the potatoes are fork tender. Drain the potatoes, and return them to the pot with 2 Tbsp. of Ghee, a splash of almond milk, and salt and pepper. Mash or whip with an electric mixer. Keep warm.
  • At the same time, heat the oven to 400 F. Lay a bunch of asparagus out into a single, even layer on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast the asparagus in the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Plate the chicken piccata and sauce over mashed potatoes with a side of asparagus. Dig in!


Day 3: Wednesday

meal prep lunch bowls

photo credit: Ally’s Cooking

You’re still technically in “The Hangover” phase, so we’re going to take it easy again today. Something sweet for breakfast, because honestly you need it, and something super hearty for dinner. The goal here is to not feel deprived on your tastebuds even though your body feels like it’s dying without the sugar, gluten, and dairy.

Breakfast: dig into your chia pudding you prepped on Sunday. You can eat it cold right out of the mason jar!

Lunch: heat up your chicken meal prep bowls, (just remove the apples first).

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Sloppy Joe Stuffed Baked Potatoes with a Side Salad

  • Use this recipe for the Whole30 Sloppy Joe meat. Add some crushed red pepper flakes if you’d like, (I would!).
  • Meanwhile, poke 2 russet potatoes with a fork, wrap them in wet paper towels, and microwave them 5-7 minutes each.
  • Slice the cooked russets down the middle, and stuff generously with the Sloppy Joe mixture! Top with some minced fresh chives. Serve with a side salad, (I like Tessamae’s compliant salad dressings, or you could make your own!).
  • If you have family members not participating, they may want to eat this on a bun!
  • Portion the leftover sloppy joe mixture into two Tupperware containers for lunches this week.


Day 4: Thursday

photo credit: Paleo Running Mama

Welcome to the “Kill All The Things” phase. You might not feel like garbage anymore, (you still might) but you’re likely a raging bee-0tch. Again, this is normal. The brain doesn’t like to be told “no”, so we’re going to counteract that with a dinner that totally feels like a cheating, binging day. Buffalo wings! Ranch dressing! Potato wedges! Are you drooling yet? You need this.

Breakfast: dig into your chia pudding you prepped on Sunday. You can eat it cold right out of the mason jar!

Lunch: heat up your leftover chili!

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken Wings with Ranch Dressing, Potato Wedges, and Veggie Dippers.

  • You’re going to make the buffalo chicken wings with ranch dressing recipe above for tonight as directed.
  • Meanwhile, you can peel 2 russet potatoes and cut them into small potato wedges, (but big enough for dipping!). Toss them in 2 Tbsp. olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and spread out in a thin, even layer on another baking sheet. Put them in the oven with the wings; they will need about 30-40 minutes depending on their size, just flip them halfway through. You want them to be golden on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Serve the wings and wedges with celery sticks, carrot sticks, and broccoli with plenty of homemade ranch dressing!


Day 5: Friday

Grilled Chimichurri Steak

photo credit: Ally’s Cooking

You likely still want to Kill All the Things, but it’s Friday!! Yay!! We’re going to celebrate with a steak dinner, so cheer up buttercup. Sip on a nice Kombucha or La Croix with berries, and pretend it’s wine.

Breakfast: dig into your chia pudding you prepped on Sunday. You can eat it cold right out of the mason jar!

Lunch: sloppy joe’s with zoodles! Heat up some of the leftover sloppy joe mixture with some pre-cut zoodles (zucchini noodles, they will need a couple minutes in the microwave too to soften up). This is one of my favorite combos- enjoy!

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Grilled Chimichurri Steak and Green Beans with Baby Red Potatoes 

  • Follow the instructions for the chimichurri steam and green beans above.
  • Meanwhile, wash and halve 6 baby red potatoes. Put them in a medium pot, cover with water, add a pinch of salt, and boil for about 15-20 minutes until fork tender. Drain, and then return the potatoes to the pot over low heat. Add 2 tbsp. Ghee, salt, pepper, and minced chives. Toss until the Ghee is melted.
  • Serve!


Day 6: Saturday

photo credit: Primal Palate

Ah, Saturday. The weekend. It’s bliss. But, UGH, you’re tired. Your body is learning to use fat as energy instead of carbs, and it’s ALMOST there, but not yet. It’s a struggle, but you can do it! Eat a big, hearty breakfast and have a nap.

Breakfast: Homemade Breakfast Sausage, 2 Eggs Your Way, and Fruit

  • Whip up the homemade breakfast sausage recipe above, cook 2 eggs any way you want with a little Ghee, and eat up any leftover fruit you haven’t yet!
  • Put half the breakfast sausage in a Tupperware container for tomorrow.

Lunch: heat up the last of the leftover chili!

Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

  • Make the recipe according to instructions; the only substitution would be Coconut Aminos instead of Tamari.
  • If you have family members not participating in Whole30, you may want to boil some pasta and serve with shredded cheese for them!


Day 7: Sunday

photo credit: Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Day 7! Go you! You’re still a little tired, but you’re almost over the hump! Tonight you get classic Sunday pot roast- yummmm. If you’re doing Week 2 with me, you’ll also need to go to the grocery store!

Breakfast: heat up the leftover breakfast sausage, cook 2 eggs any way you want with a little Ghee, and eat up any leftover fruit you haven’t yet!

Lunch: sloppy joe’s with zoodles! Heat up some of the leftover sloppy joe mixture with some pre-cut zoodles (zucchini noodles, they will need a couple minutes in the microwave too to soften up).

*You may want to think about preparing dinner now, as it takes a few hours*


Optional Snacks: Sip some kombucha, eat apple with almond butter, have a Larabar, or make a Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Dinner: Perfect Pot Roast

Make recipe as directed, but here are some changes:

  • Cut the recipe in half.
  • Baby carrots work instead of whole carrots.
  • Instead of cooking the roast in the oven, once it’s time to put everything in the oven, put it in your slow cooker instead, (4 hours on high or 8 hours on low).
  • Before you put it in the oven/slow cooker, add 6 halved baby potatoes.
  • Don’t use wine, obviously.

Ready for Week 2? 



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  • ????You will love it!! We did those paleorunningmama chicken wings and they are amazing!! Def use the arrowroot for crispyness. Her sloppy joes are also delicious!! You got this!

  • Giiiiirrrlllll, thank you so much for putting Your time into this. You’re amazing! I can’t tell you how excited I am to try these meal plans after reading all of your input. The wedding diet was wonderful and delicious! You make every part of these plans exciting and easy to follow. You take the scary factor out and by putting everything in one place, you save my brain from combusting 🙂 thank you so much! You are so appreciated!!

    • Jen, you’re so welcome! You can’t understand how happy it makes me to know this can make your life a little easier. Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂

  • Wow, this is incredible, I’m going to start my first whole 30 Monday and I’m so thankful I found your blog! My husband and I are doing it together so I’m going to try to update the shopping list! Your addition to the “how you’ll feel” each day is super helpful!

    • The tapioca starch is Whole30 approved and is a common replacement for a thickening/ crisping agent like cornstarch or flour. A couple of the recipes use it for a crispy breading!

  • Do you have this in book form ?
    I have started this week following your menu and grocery lists. I have others that are doing Whole30 together with me that would love to see this in a book ?

  • Thank you so much for all of this! I know it was a lot of work. I purchased the groceries and have prepped for the week, but at I sure of what the ground pork is for. Just trying to decide fridge or freezer. Again, thank you so much!

    • Oh you’re so welcome!! The ground pork is for homemade breakfast sausage over the weekend. You can probably freeze it and then thaw come Thursday/Friday!

  • Thank you so much for this. I’m only on day 3 but I’ve been enjoying all of the recipes you’ve added. That Chia Pudding is AMAZING. 🙂 I can’t seem to connect to the website that has the sloppy joe meat recipe. Would you be able to send it to me?

  • Hi I’m new to W30,…I usually don’t add items that I can “skip” i.e. Arrowroot powder, can I just sit fry?
    Q2: if I don’t eat pork, can I change it to chicken? I’m use to ” you must follow” to stay on points, or count of some sort

    • Hi Marissa, you can change whatever you like, as long as it stays within the whole30 approved list, so chicken is a fine swap for pork. As for the arrowroot/tapioca, it’s really the only flour substitute that will give you the same thickening power in soups or crunch on your “fried” foods like wings. You can skip it if you’d like, but it’s always fun to try new recipes and find healthy swaps you like for your post-whole30

  • You are phenomenal. This must have taken you so much effort and work and let me tell you—it was greatly appreciated. I’m fully positive I wouldn’t have made it through the first week without this meal plan. Thank you!!!!

  • If cooking for 2, do we just double everything? I see that there are leftover days in which you eat leftovers for lunch the next day. So, even though the dinner is “enough for two” but is that because it’s to be used for leftovers, not an actual 2nd person?

    • The dinners are meant to have enough for 2 dinner eaters AND a leftover portion for lunch. The dinners are enough, but you would have to double the breakfasts and lunches

  • My husband, son, daughter and I are all getting ready to start the whole30. I found your website while I was awake in the middle of the night because I could sleep due to being too excited, stressed, worried about starting this. I’ve failed so many other attempts to get healthy and I’m really need to make a change for myself and my family. This menu plan is amazing! I was feeling so overwhelmed and not sure where to start with everything until I found your site. I can’t imagine how much time and effort this took to put together. Doing the whole30 is going to be a very very big change from the norm in our house and these meals all sound so delicious that I’m hopefully it will make the transition so much smoother. THANK YOU!

    • Liz, I’m so happy you found me too!! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so hopeful that because your whole family is on board it will make it even easier! Best of luck, and please reach out if I can help with anything

  • You said you were going to list your weight and measurements at the end of week 4 of your whole 30, I couldn’t find it. Can you please share?

  • Thank you so very much for your hard work! You put together and menu with recipe links and the shopping list! It saved me so much time and headaches. I can get overwhelmed but you did such a fabulous job with this awesome resource. Thanks again. I’m making the chia pudding right now. 🙂

  • If you are contemplating this, don’t think anymore. Do it! Ally made this so easy and yummy, you won’t regret it. Thank you Ally! I just finished the first week and it was great. I appreciated that I didn’t have to cook 3 meals every day. The recipes were VERY simple and my whole family (husband and two teenage sons) ate the dinners (and some lunches) with me. They loved everything! I even had enough left overs to feed them some lunches and lunches into the 2nd week. I’m on Monday of week 2 as I write this, enjoying the chicken salad for lunch (it’s so delicious and easy to make). I haven’t had many craving yet (although did miss having red wine with the steaks!). I would have never done the whole 30 without this, thank you Ally!

  • Hi Ally,

    This is my 2nd time on whole30 and have found your meal prep plans helpful. One question is that you included Maple syrup in your first week/first day recipe and thought this was off limits based on whole 30?

    • Hi Amanda! Yes, in the notes somewhere it should say to omit the maple syrup when doing whole30. So happy you found it helpful!!

  • hey Ally!
    This plan looks amazing and I am excited to try it. I may just be missing it but how do I print all of the lists and recipes?

    • Hi April! You can right click on the pictures of the meal plan and grocery list to download them to your computer to print. As for the recipes and instructions, I don’t have anything clean to send you since I offer the information for free, but you can print the web pages

  • Hi, have tried quite a few recipes and they are great. Question about GT Kombucha, when I checked it out at the store all the flavours showed 6g or more sugar, just curious what you have found. Thanks

    • Hi! GTs Kombucha is Whole30 approved. The sugars you see are naturally found in fruit juice, which is allowed in Whole30. If you’re ever in doubt, just check the ingredients list to make sure no cane sugar is added.

      • That’s AMAZING!!! So I should get extra points for not having anything with a sugar gram. Thanks for clarifying. I loved the Buffalo wings, Chimichurri steak and obsessed with chia pudding and Eggs with salad from the cookbook. appreciate your response. Amanda

  • You are missing a few ingredients in your list shopping list. Basil (for the chimmichurri sauce) and you are short quite a few cans of crushed, diced and paste of tomatoes (as the first round was all used in the chili and sloppy joes). Please fix! Now im scrambling to put dinner together since im short ingredients for day 5 or day 6 to even substitute.

      • Thanks Ally! Just saw missing the Primal Palate Breakfast Blend, as that’s pretty specific to the sausage patties so you might want to include that as well.

        Just wanted to say thank you SO much for doing this! Im new to Whole30 and iv followed your Week 1 to a T! SO SO SO incredibly helpful for a mom of 2 small boys who also works full time! I can’t wait to start Week 2!

        • In regards to the primal palate seasoning, you have a good mix of the dried herbs needed in the pantry list so I didn’t want people to have to buy another expensive, hard to find brand!

  • Just starting this plan and we are nervously excited. Question about meals for my husband. A serving doesn’t seem like enough food for him–I would think he should be eating more than I will be. So am I correct in my thinking? Will he need to have 2 servings per meal?

    • There is no limit to how much compliant food you eat on whole30 so you can always increase portion sizes but the portions in these recipes are pretty big. Most say there is a lot of leftovers

  • I’m having trouble finding the four week Whole 30 meal plan for two. My husband and I would like to try this and could just double the single meal plan. But if you have it planned out gor two, that would be great!

  • This is the most god awfully laid out website. Its painful finding the recipes to the dishes you have listed. For 1, theres no names to them. Just a photo and to heat stuff up. How do you make it? what’s it called? Where are the recipes? We were wanting to try this. Screw it. I don’t have a week to search your site just to find a recipe.

    • When you read through each days instructions the recipe is linked (the blue text) in the corresponding step. Most of the recipes are not on my site.

  • This was my first time ever doing whole thirty and you made everything seem so easy. The weekly/daily plan helped so much! I’m not very good at putting meal plans together or just what to eat and you made everything so simple. I was pretty tired a lot in Week One and on Day 6 I went to Disney and packed all my snacks and Kombacha but didn’t make time to prep cold lunch or dinner so when I woke up on Day 7 after eating Disney lunch and Dinner my body/my stomach hated me lol but I’m getting back on track today and ready to start week 2! It feels so good to eat clean and healthy 🙂

    • Sheena thank you for this feedback! I’m so happy you’re finding it helpful. Even though you felt like crap after Disney it’s a great sign that you NOTICED the difference in how you feel after you ate. That’s a great step in the right direction! Best of luck with week 2

  • This is awesome! I’d love the grocery list for 2 people if you have it handy. Whole 30 can feel daunting and this totally takes the guess work out of it. Thank you!

  • Ally, thank you for your website! My husband and I are about to start Whole30 again and your site is sooooooooooooo helpful!

  • This is seriously gold!! As someone who I brand new and starting out on my whole 30 journey I really appreciate this amazing content!!

  • Could you use oat milk instead of almond milk in the chia pudding?
    Thank you for all the recipes and grocery list!!!!!

  • I came across this plan and I’m excited to try this through my whole30 journey! My husband and I are going to do this together. Excited to see how this goes.

  • I was recommended by a friend to look into this program. My only hiccup is I don’t eat bananas, sweet potatoes and if there are other items on your grocery list I don’t care for. Can I omit them or are there other substitutes? Will it alter my results?

  • Hi Ally! Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I have enjoyed your whole 30 plan. It’s been huge in my life! I feel like I have learned to cook so many things through these recipes. And they are so good! You have a fantastic way of pulling together, simply excellent recipes. Several have become staples in my home! Potato soup, the chili, the chicken salad, which is so so yummy! The buffalo chicken casserole, the chia pudding…yum! . I’m a much better cook because of what I learned. I love your plan as well because it is so reasonable! I work and definitely need food prep and leftovers. Just want to thank you for the work that you put into this and let you know that it has been a huge blessing in my life! I wish you the best.

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