October Feels & Life Lately

How is it October already? Today is October 1st, which means we’ve been married for a whole month! Go us! It also means it’s been a month and a half since I’ve posted anything, which is officially the longest I’ve gone since starting this blog. But you know what, it’s been a really good month. I’ve loved my official-unofficial time off from any non-work related to-do’s. For the last three years since I met Taylor we started and finished our masters degrees, moved twice, bought a home, started a new business, got engaged, got a dog, both got new jobs, and got married. HOLY SMOKES. I’m really not sure I’ve had down-time since 2015, so I’ve been really trying lately to do less, think less, and breathe more when I’m not at work. I’m the kind of person that feels constant internal pressure. You need to do this, you should be doing that. I make check lists for the WEEKEND. Ugh, get a life Ally. But in September, I’ve been mindful to ignore my inner pressure, because it only exists in my head.  On the weekends and on weeknights after work, I’ve been ignoring my computer and technology, and opting for books, (I finally got a library card!) 1,000-piece puzzles, and quality time with my new husband. It’s been a freaking fantastic month of September, in fact, maybe my best month yet, (and I’ll get to all that below!) but now, I think I’m ready to start occupying my corner of the internet again. I’ve missed you all.

Our Wedding

How do I even put this down into words? As an introvert, the idea of four jam-packed days full of partying and being the center of attention was a little daunting, but I can genuinely say, without a doubt, that it was the BEST weekend of my life. What an absolute high. I may still be on cloud nine.

We arrived in Santa Rosa, CA on Wednesday night before our Saturday wedding. Thursday, we spent the day with my family vineyard hopping and exploring the local breweries and restaurants. On Friday, we had brunch with Taylor’s family and then got ready for our rehearsal dinner at the Hyatt. Everything was so fun, smooth, and stress-free, despite maybe getting 4 hours of sleep per night and running on adrenaline and fumes all weekend.

Our wedding day at DeLoach Vineyards in Santa Rosa was nothing short of perfection. Honestly, I was completely blown away. Last year, after bursting into tears every time we talked about wedding planning, I made the best decision of my life and hired Run Away With Me, a full-service wedding planner in wine country. I basically showed up with my dress and left all the details to them, which I think made the day even better. When you know all the details, they will stress you out. When you don’t know any details, you’re always pleasantly surprised and naive to the inevitable last-minute problems. I floated through the whole day with champagne in one hand, surrounded by my best friends. I was chill and relaxed all day, until it was time to walk down the aisle. I barely made it through my vows, but then it was time to dance the night away! You know what, who cares what I have to say, let’s get to some pictures 😉










I’m so in love with my new husband and our picture perfect day 🙂

I don’t have any pictures from our honeymoon, but we flew back to the east coast, grabbed Chewy, and drove to my favorite place in the world, the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Unfortunately, a few days later Hurricane Florence forced us to pack up and evacuate early. Oh well, guess I get to plan something else 😉

October Feels

So, now we move on to October. This is by far Taylor’s favorite month because it’s 31 days of him forcing me to watch scary movies every night, (although now I kind of love the tradition). I can’t wait to make some Mulled (and Spiked!) Hot Apple Cider, light a pumpkin candle, grab my sweatpants, and just snuggle every night. Here’s our movie list so far, (can you tell I added some non-scary ones?):

Hocus Pocus
Friday the 13th
Paranormal Activity
The Conjuring
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Final Destination
A Quiet Place
Dawn of the Dead
The Adam’s Family
Amityville Horror
Scary Movie
The Purge
Get Out
The Ring

What else should we add to our list? What are your favorite October traditions??


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  • You are absolutely gorgeous, as is your dress, you are just a beautiful bride! What an amazing day, a picture perfect wedding, what a beautiful celebration of love! The pure love and adoration that the two of you share just radiates from each of you, not only as you tell your story, but also through your photographs!
    I just found your blog tonight, I’ve read all about your love story though and just had to send you my best wishes for many years of love, happiness, joy and all of the blessings the two of you deserve! It’s not often that you see a couple who share such a deep, pure love that it can actually be seen in the glow of pure devotion that surrounds them. Take care of one another and don’t ever forget the feelings of love you had for one another that beautiful day! ???

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