Sometimes I Lie Discussion Questions

Book Club: “Sometimes I Lie” Discussion Questions

March’s book club pick, Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney lead to some SERIOUS discussion! We couldn’t stop talking about this book at work for weeks! This is a great book club pick if only for the amount of theories and unanswered questions you can talk about. I loved the story too! A great page-turner.

Sometimes I Lie Discussion Questions




Sometimes I Lie Discussion Questions

  • Before we say anything about the book, do the thumb vote:
    • On the count of three, everyone is going to hold up their hand signal
    • If you read the book, you’ll use your right hand to give it a thumb rating
    • If you started the book but didn’t finish it, you’ll hold up an empty fist
    • If you never started the book, you’ll hold up two high-fives
  • Discussion Questions:
    • Let’s talk about that ending! * VOTE * Who left the bracelet at the end?
      • Was it Claire?
        • “I close my eyes and turn my back on her. I long for the silence to return and swallow me down into the darkness. I don’t want to hear anymore. I get my wish. The door closes and I am left alone. The bracelet is gone and so is my sister.”
        • Claire killed Edward, survived the fire and came after Amber. The bracelet could have been left by Claire or Edward but the little twin said “mommy” to Amber. I don’t think she was calling Amber mommy, I think she was telling Amber that she had just seen her mommy.
        • my thoughts: Amber bought the gasoline 2+ months before, meaning the murders of Claire & David, and the set-up of Madeline, were all schemed up PRE-accident/betrayal. Was Amber planning to kill Claire for months, or was Claire the mastermind behind it all and her “faked” death.
      • Was it Edward? <<This is the most obvious answer at the end.
      • Was it Paul?
        • Even though we know Edward didn’t die, it doesn’t make sense that he would have the bracelet or even know how significant it was for the sisters, so I don’t think it’s a sign that Edward is still stalking her. The only thing I can think of is that Paul did read the diaries and wants to signal to Amber that he knows what she did..
        • Also, what was the anniversary?? Did he make that up to set up the tray?
        • There’s also the strange encounter between Claire and Paul in the hospital the first time Claire shows up. Right before, Paul utters the word, “Bitch.” before standing over Amber and, “Hold on.” moments later. We’re unsure of if he’s referring to Amber or Claire but I assume it’s Amber as as Claire hadn’t yet entered the room. Though, if he read the diaries beforehand, it could be Claire.
      • Was it Amber? Is her split personality threatening to undermine her happy life now? Was “Jo” Amber’s alter ego and is she refusing to assume responsibility?
        • Paul made a comment at the very end about Amber taking a long time in the shower — but Amber tells us how she took a quick one and just splashed some after sun on (or something like that).
    • Who is the real villain of this story? Madeline? Edward? Claire? Or Amber?
    • What was your favorite twist from the book?
      • Claire was writing the diaries
      • Jo was imaginary
      • Madeline was Claire’s Godmother
      • Amber set Madeline up/ the whole job was a trick
      • The last diary entry said “Taylor made me do it”. Is this why Amber had to kill Claire? Or is Claire the psycho one and trying to pin it on Amber?
    • The color red is mentioned over 60 times in the novel (stolen red pens, red studio lights, red toothbrush, lipstick, traffic lights, wine, blood, and the robin’s red breast are just some examples). What does red symbolize? What other motifs did you spot?
    • Were you surprised to discover that Jo was an imaginary friend? When Jo leaves the hospital shortly before Amber wakes up, we never see her again. Why was Amber finally able to let her go at this point in her life?
    • Let’s talk about all the red herrings (intentionally misleading clues from the author). What did you believe happened early on in the book? What were your theories?
    • What do you think “Sometimes I Lie” really means? What do you think she lied about? Was any of the story even true? Did she really kill Claire?
    • Did Madeline get what she deserved?
    • The parents in the hospital room during the coma scene/ in Amber’s present do not match up with the parents of Claire’s diaries. Which is true? Is Amber truly the psycho one all along?
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  • The ending is linked to the title and plot twists of the book. It’s what she opens and closes with… “Sometimes I Lie”. When you’re dealing with a liar, you never know the truth. That my friends, is the literary genius in this book! We will never know!

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