For lovers of The Big Bang Theory:

Dark Matter: A Novel

Kidnapping.  Alternate universes. That’s all I’ll say, you need to get sucked in yourself 😉

If you think YOUR family is messed up…

Sister Sister: A gripping psychological thriller

The quick version is that Clare’s family finally tracks down her lost sister Alice after 20 years.  Alice comes to visit and quickly charms everyone but Clare.  In fact, it feels like Alice has the cruelest of intentions and wants to take over Clare’s life and husband.  You’ll probably figure out the twist before the characters do, but I enjoyed this one nonetheless.

For anyone obsessed with Big Little Lies:

Into the Water: A Novel

Not the same story as Big Little Lies by any means, but lovers of the book or show will love this mystery told from the points of view of several women with a secret.  In this small town in England, women keep mysteriously jumping into the river to their death. Are they all just suicidal, or is something more sinister happening in the water?


Now I need to start looking for my next round of great reads! Any suggestions? What did you think of these books?

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